How to improve your story? – Episode Choose Your Story


Episode Choose Your Story is a game filled with lots of stories and different stories. In it, you don’t only read the stories, but you also make your own story and post it out on various Episodes’ platforms. The game is created by Episode Interactive, and its size is almost 76 MB. It is easily available for Android and IOS users. The game is straightforward to play, and it is very attracted as it considers high-quality images and better sound quality. The main part of the game is to read your favorite story or make your own and publish it to many platforms.


Some are the primary things that you should take care while improving your story:


  1. Make sure that character’s mouth is moving when talking – It means that you should edit each line of dialogue. By doing this, your story will become more attractive and beautiful. In it, they recently added the feature that automatically adds up the animations to every line of dialogue. It helps in saving your hours. You should use the automatic anime button wisely as sometimes it would be confusing for us.
  2. Test your script carefully – You does not neglect this thing as it makes your story meaningful. You should take care that the camera is focusing on everything properly or not. So, the best thing to do only is a test after making a story. The more and more you test your script the more you will be able to make your story better. In this game the best way is by using Episode Hack.



  • Be more creative – You should post a different story that makes us feel good. You have to choose the best content among many different things.
  • Make suspense – You should make the story which is suspenseful and no one imagine it easily by seeing the first episode.
  • Create options – In it, we choose those stories that have lots of meaningful content.
  • Have excellent English – The main aspect of the story is your grammar and spelling. If you use good English in your story, then it is very impressive and attractive.