Critical Ops – shooting game to knock down the enemies


Critical Ops is the name of Critical Cops which is a fast pace game to download free and have full fun and entertainment. The game is designed by Critical Force Entertainment. Critical Ops is one of the excellent games where gamers involve them to have war against either anti-terrorist or terrorist. The game provides its users two types of credits blue and orange credits. Orange credits are more important than blue one. Both the credits cater to the player of the Critical Ops to take advantages of bullets, lives, speed, weapons, grenades, and so on.

Defuse mode, deathmatch, and gun game modes

  • The game has three basi modes to play with and defeat the enemies. These are easy to hard categories.
    • Defuse mode of the Critical Ops game mode makes its player to defuse the enemies planted C4 bombs. The team of the players with coordination can perform the task easily otherwise it is hard for the player.
    • Deathmatch mode of the game facilitates the player with many credits and score. Here the user of Critical Ops should have higher score than the opponent team till the game gets over.
    • Gun game critical ops mode allows its player to collect as many weapons as they can and credits to change the skin and outlook of the weapons.

Special shop of Critical Ops

The game caters the player to change and buy more destructive weapons and change them with the special shop of the game too. The special shop provides ample of different weapons with different destructive qualities. Various categories of advanced and dangerous weapons and guns mean more chances of victory.

Critical Ops game’s gameplay and graphics gives real look of war time where lots of entertainment and enjoy player can have while playing.