Dragon City – Guide to Gameplay and Features to Progress Game

Living in a dragon world is the dream of many people from the world. For all those people who want to experience the dragon life, developers have released the game for those people. Dragon City is a popular game on the mobile, and because it is related to the dragon world, the game loves to play it more. The game Dragon City is developed by Social Point, and it can easily sync with facebook. There are so many types of dragons & gems are available in-game, and top get those many gamers to use Dragon City Hacks for Gems services.


The game is completely easy and in order to progress the game, there many types of task that gamers have to complete. One of the main tasks gamer has to complete the dragon, which is blank at the beginning of the game. In the dragon book, there are more than 1000 dragons, and in order to collect them, all gamers have to breed, grow, and collect as many as possible dragons.

Every week developers add new kind of dragon in-game that makes the game more interesting, and the kingdom keeps getting bigger with more dragons. Gamers have to make an island for dragons where dragons will live, and users can decorate the island, as well as they, want to.


*         Decorate the island

*         Fill the dragon book

*         Summon the dragons from the tree of life

Play PvP matches – Player vs. Player matches are interesting winning a match in PvP can reward an egg of dragon and get that dragon gamer to have to hatch the egg. PvP matches are so enjoyable and players within real-time. With Dragon City Hacks for Gems, users can get many gems to buy decorative objects.